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Level Thinking

I’ve had better holiday seasons. Lets skip over details by saying whatever annoyance that could happen did. No one died; no one had to go to the emergency room. We had no visits from the local constabulary or the haz-mat truck, but I am still so far behind right now.

I really dug myself into a hole by not getting done the things done that I’d planned for the week between Christmas and New Years.

The neat thing that happened is I had a wonderful insight, namely, that sentence I just wrote above is absolutely wrong.

For decades I’ve lived with the image of digging myself into holes. I think it has to do with the language. I dug myself into a hole. The longer I wait for the car to be repaired, the deeper the hole became. The more tedious the time passage from getting sick to feeling human again, the wider the hole became. Eventually, I was this little figure stuck at the bottom of an impressive hole.

I tried some new language. Every time another set-back happened, I said to myself, “It’s still a level playing field.”

Yes, I know the reality of the world all to well. Many things in life are not level. We’re all penalized for our age, gender, height, weight, education, skill level, color of skin or eyes or toenails, social graces, position in the pecking order, etc. Will we ever achieve a level playing field? Of course not, but that’s the great thing about being a creative person. If I say my mind is a level playing field, I can make it that way.

My level playing field is a wide-open meadow, with prairie skies above it as far as I can see. I can run as far as I want on that field. So when this morning finally arrived and the holidays were OVER FOR ANOTHER YEAR, I wasn’t struggling to crawl out of that deep hole. I was heading out across that meadow to see what I can find.

Here’s  how this site is going to work so far. I’ll be publishing  twice a week. Thursday’s blog, of which this is the first one, I’m actually going to call Level Thinking. It will be musings on being a writer of a certain age, an artist, and a person with many and varied interests.

The Tuesday entries will be called From Theme Statement to Archiving. I have a whole lot of writing bits that I’ve collected over the years, that I’d like to share and discuss with you. To give the material a hint of a framework, I’m starting next week, Tuesday, January 7th, with The Theme Statement. Does your novel  have one? Does it need one? How do you write one?

Eventually there will be some side bars here with books, artwork, links and other fun things. Probably be some guests dropping by from time to time.