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Art I Love: Pea Pod Fairy


We’re working hard on this blog on Tuesdays with Write the Novel and Thursdays on Level Thinking, so I decided on the weekends, we need to relax and look at the pretty pictures. Welcome to the first posting of Art I Love. It’s a once a week feature of art I’ve made, art I’m working on, and occasionally, art I wish I’d made.

All gardens, whether they cover several acres or flowers pots in a windowbox, need garden fairies. Here’s a pea pod fairy I made after reading one of Salley Mavor’s books. If you aren’t familiar with Salley’s wonderful miniatures, treat yourself to a visit to her site.

For the construction minded among us: embroidery floss wrapped wire, air-dried clay face, embroidered wool felt clothes, Kool-aid dyed wool roving for the hair, knitted wool cap. Pea pod is embroidered wool felt and air-dried clay peas, painted with acrylics. She sits 4″ tall.

Pea Pod Fairy

Pea Pod Fairy