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Art I Love: my first quilt

First Quilt


Today we’re going way back in time to 1991. A couple we knew was expecting their first child, so my husband and I decided to make the child a quilt.

Both parents were gamers so the logical quilt would be a twin-bed size quilt of a hexagonal gaming map, with geographical features and a river running through it.

There was one small problem: neither of us knew the first thing about quilting. Well, okay, I knew quilts were often made out of cotton fabric, and they had 1/4” seams, and that was it.

First we made the pattern. Then we cut out hexigons and sewed them together — by hand. All quilts are made by hand, right? Especially ones big enough to fit a twin-bed. Then we quilted it by hand.

It took us hours, days, months. We ended up giving it to the child on her first birthday.

Then we went to the library and checked out books on quilt-making, which just goes to show, if you’re not certain how to make something, dive it. Learning by doing is often the best way, except of course if what we’re working on involves fire, hazardous chemicals, or instructions that begin with “do this in a well ventilated area.” In those situations, for gosh sakes, go to the library first!

Happy Solstice, everyone.