Art, Ujaama Grandmothers

Art I Love – Ujaama Grandmothers, Calgary, Alberta

The Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF)  is a Canadian organization, working with community-level organizations which are turning the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa by providing care and support to women, orphaned children, grandmothers and people living with HIV and AIDS.

Through the SLF Grandmothers-to-Grandmothers Project Canadians have raised almost $2 million for African grandmothers. Link to the G-to-G Project

One of the Calgary, Alberta supporters of the Grandmother’s Project is called Ujaama Grandmothers. They sponsor several fundraising projects every year, including a fabric and yarn sale in the spring; a handmade craft fair in the fall; and other projects throughout the year. For more information on the group, here are links to their Facebook and web pages.

Grandmothers’ Facebook page

Grandmothers’ web page

Their volunteer activities is truly art I love.