About sharoncreate

For seven years I blogged with my wonderful writing sisters on Poe’s Deadly Daughters. We closed down on Poe’s Birthday (January 19) 2014, and I segued out of that blog into this one.

sharoncreate has a slightly different focus, two foci in fact.


On Tuesdays we’ll look at Writing a Mystery Novel from Theme Statement to Archiving. Yes, truthfully, some of this material was originally presented on the Daughters, but it wasn’t in any particular order. I’m revising those previous posts and putting them in a chronological order to work step-by-step through writing a mystery novel. Though  my focus is primarily mysteries, people writing romances, westerns, speculative fiction, etc. will still find useful information here.

Abigale Art House

On Thursdays I’ll share whatever is most important to me this week. Sometimes the Thursday post will tie into the Novel writing post, and sometimes not. It will also step outside of writing to include my art, meditation, growing older with style and panache, humor, and my quirky view of life.

Welcome. I  hope you will drop by frequently.